Summer 2017 Updates from Market

Summer market gives us a peek to upcoming styles available to freshen interior projects. For my interior design clients in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda and surrounding areas, I make it a point to go to Market to better understand how I can bring something these new trends to my Northern California projects. More than ever, the industry is trying to define the needs and inclinations of the Millenial generation, as they will guide trends more an more for designers and manufacturers alike.

Project Guru Designs Summer 2017 update


How that translates into the questions I get asked the most: on the color side, strong blues, teals were a key element, often contrasted with gold, white or black as the neutrals. Agate has become a common material in accessories and art alike. (see below)

Project Guru Designs Summer 2017 update agate.jpg
summer trends 2017 modern traditions.jpg

The Modern Traditions trend highlighted at a seminar will combine a well edited mix of media, shapely simplified lines and classic color palette.

It's counterpart- Maximalism- continues the Bohemian trend, with layered looks, almost-clashing bright colors and intricate wallpapers.


project guru design summer trends 2017 bohemian.jpg
project guru designs summer trends 2017 blush.jpg


Marching along is the continued impact of retro styling, a strong nod to the handmade feel- and the importance of a strong background story behind any given product. 

Color complements to the blues and greens are pushing forth the blushes and roses forecasted by Pantone a few years ago and showcased by Sherwin-Williams recently.