Accent Walls: Designer Secrets for Making Your Home Unique.

I'm often asked how to personalize homes for clients. Paint is the cheapest and most accessible tool to transform a space. Going beyond basic paint takes the impact to that next level. There is a wide range of solutions out there: here are some of my favorites.

Designer Secrets 1.jpg

Painted wall stencils are available in countless patterns: they are potentially DIY-friendly , can be traditional to futuristic, and are easily reversible at a later time. Here a fresh green was used as an accent color, the wall color in the rest of the space then used to layer-in the stencil pattern.

Designer Secrets for Making Your Home Unique 2.jpg

A full wall wainscot, painted to match the rest of the space or with an accent color brings a sophisticated but understated flair to the space. These can be as simple or elaborate as your installer's expertise allows.

An often neglected chance to add pizzaz is the wall behind a kitchen hood. With today's sculptural chimney hoods, the backsplash can be taken all the way to the ceiling for a heightened ceiling visual.

Designer Secrets for Making Your Home Unique 4.jpg

Today's wallpaper options can be applied in any space and pack an enormous punch. The key to painless removal is good preparation of the wall before application: do not skip that step!

Designer Secrets for Making Your Home Unique 5.jpg


The world of laminate options is widening every day: from textured wood-like finishes to metallic looks, to gloss and writable surfaces, there is much to choose from. 

Designer Secrets for Making Your Home Unique 6.jpg

Finally, for a real personal punch, a photo or artwork collage creates the ultimate personalized wall.

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