The Latest in Kitchen and Bathroom design - KBIS 2017 Updates!

The Kitchen and Bath show- KBIS- happens once a year: it's my chance to get in on the latest and greatest and never disappoints. From curved door walls that stack to reveal outdoor spaces through huge porcelain tiles that can now line and entire shower wall, some of these new options could be the perfect solution for your next kitchen,bath or exterior remodel project.

Designing Kitchens With Limited Wall Space

Eliminating divider walls between the kitchen and living spaces creates a common dilemma when placing tall elements such as pantry spaces. While appliance manufacturers now offer a wide array of slimmer or under counter refrigeration options, and smaller wall units such as steam and speed ovens, let us look at our favorite the pantry options.

Color Selection For Your Interior Design Project

Color Selection For Your Interior Design Project

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many of those words describe the color? Colors are things that most people take for granted, yet they can have a profound and expansive impact on moods, feelings, emotions, and even thoughts. When considering the color selection for your interior design project, what do you want to say about the room? Do you want it to feel full of life, energetic and happy? Or do you want to convey a certain royalty, sophistication and intelligence?