Pantry love: it's the real thing!

By Johanne

A true walk-in pantry is a luxury that many homes don't offer, what a joy it could be!


This pantry transitions from the garage with a slate floor.

Let's take a second to think of all the advantages: bulk paper goods, little used small appliances and day to day back-up staples could find a home there, but let us no stop there. What about extra refrigerator drawers and/or freezer drawers?


Stainless refrigerator drawers and freezer drawers with drawer panels

In this pantry, refrigerator and freezer drawers tuck under the countertop finished in the same material as the floating shelves.


Space was left for dog bowls, hanging leashes and re-usable bags by the entry

That and extra countertop space/ maybe a hobby or craft space: with the right lighting and storage, that is a definite possibility. In this case, space was left for the dog bowls, and hanging space for leashes and re-usable bags but the door.