Designing kitchens with limited wall space

By Johanne

Eliminating divider walls between the kitchen and living spaces creates a common dilemma when placing tall elements such as pantry spaces. While appliance manufacturers now offer a wide array of slimmer or under counter refrigeration options, and smaller wall units such as steam and speed ovens, let us look at our favorite the pantry options.

Most kitchens do not offer the luxury of a separate walk-in pantry, but we now have a large offering of styles and options for vertical tall units in the kitchen.


Pullout units, available in a variety of materials and sizes, offer an organized vertical storage solution that should fit in just about any kitchen.


Wood pantry inserts in various widths and heights.

For the ultimate experience and capacity in the tall pullout arena, the Convoy is the answer.

CONVOY Family tall cabinet

The next level of ingenuity is this option that fully swings out to offer complete access to each section

Richelieu Hardware - Dispensa Swing Kit

In this client's kitchen, we had great vertical space in the corner corner: this custom full-height Lazy Susan unit was the perfect solution.


Finally, the cadillac of pantry solutions, with pullout baskets and in-door storage is this beauty: also available in multiple sizes. When space allows these can also be installed in a "French Door" configuration.

Kesseböhmer - Tandem Video.mpg

The ultimate in pantry options.

Of course these ultra specialized, highly engineered products all come at a price. When more vertical space is available, and a swing out door is not an issue, the simpler full-height pantry with roll-out trays will do the job at a lesser cost. If extra depth is available, roll outs can be combined with a door storage unit: the key is to make the most use out of the depth of the storage space available.