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Kitchen Design Focus

Designing the perfect white kitchen

White kitchens are one of the most requested remodel wishes among our clients. in the Walnut Creek and the East Bay area. But ensuring a white kitchen will not appear cold or sterile, but will blend into the living spaces adjacent and complement the clients's home and architectural style involves a great balancing act. White kitchens are prized for their clean and bright appearance and can be a perfect selection for a home where natural light is at a premium. When natural light is abundant, other cabinetry finishes, dramatic countertops and tile will accentuate the contrast. Excellent lighting and appropriate flooring for the desired lifestyle will make the space ideal for family gathering and entertaining smalll and large crwods. As the kitchen is now often purposefully annexed to main living spaces, ensuring congruent design, and understanding the desired esthetic ensure the space will remain appropriate and enjoyable for the current and future needs of the household. As is true for many rooms but even more so in the kitchen, attention to a functional and optimized layout, from work zones to seating space, should be at the crux of the design, materials and finishes selected to enhance the intended function.

If a white kitchen is in your future: start the conversation : call us today to get started.