Top Interior Designs

By Sugan_CML


Each and every year we see new trendy designs. We incorporate these into our work in your home to keep it fresh and inviting.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest ideas on how to keep your home up to date with the latest trendy interior designs and home décor.

Interior Design Ideas

Corduroy upholstery can look hip and vibrant. As an alternative, try velvet. Both bring a certain appeal on formal chair furniture. Consider a bright color for a bold look.

For your window sheers, try linen and wool instead of the polyester heavy drapes. It brings more light and clarity to the room. They can give you a rich appeal that otherwise goes underutilized.

In regards to hues for decorative colors, try for more bright primary shades. Some designers have an appeal to palettes filtered through smoke and sunlight like topaz, amethyst, and olive. Go bold. Have fun!

With prints, try Venetian marbled-paper prints. They bring a flavor of renaissance to everything from the wallpapers, silk linens, and porcelains. The swoopy patterns create a fun but sophisticated feeling.

These are just a few ideas for designing a new interior in your living space