New Trends In Interior Design

By Sugan_CML


When it comes to interior design, making the inside of a house beautiful and really shine can be a challenge.

That’s why it is its own multi-million dollar businesses, comprised of individuals with the gift to make the most out of any space.

When professional interior designers plan what they are going to do with a space, they reference many different things to create that ultimate look.

Check out a few of the new trends. Where as some of these suggestions may be common sense, a few might surprise you.

Minimalist Class

All to often, accent pieces like furniture that stands out or vibrant hues simply do not work. To turn this on its head, many interior designers are looking to create minimalist interior spaces, sparsely decorated and with a similar color throughout the entire room.

Standing in opposition to this uniformity is usually a single vibrant color, that helps bring attention to the difference. The end result is open spaces, class, and a truly 2014 look.

No More Beige

Beige is universal. It is a useful color, and a lot can be done with it. However, there is way too much beige in the world, leading 2014 designs to go in the opposite direction. Instead of focusing on beige, the trend now is on a more varied color wheel, leading to some truly interesting things done with accent walls.

Interior and Exterior Together

One of the most popular trends seen in interior design is merging the exterior with the interior. This has become especially popular lately due to eco-friendly design that uses natural light, windows, and interior space to create truly remarkable interiors.

This can range from having a wall covered in herbs and plants, to truly incorporating a natural look into your interior. Why can’t your fireplace look like the side of a rock face? With what a few people are doing, the end results for any home can be staggering.

Antique Metals

The last 2014 interior design trend to consider is metal, in particular brass. It is making a come back through vintage looking design to dominate rooms with its shiny, vibrant orange/brown color.