Home Office Planning Ideas

By Sugan_CML


More and more people choose now to work from home. Designing your office space at home can be challenging and potentially expensive.

You’ve got to make your work space feel comfortable and be an extension of you who are. Here are just a couple of pointers to keep in mind as you get busy at home.

Where You Work

The most common option for setting up shop is to use a spare room and dedicate it as an office space. Many people find having a separate room to work helps them improve their productivity.

Many times, your home office may have to pull double duty as a living space. An example might be setting up in your master bedroom or a masters retreat. A simple divider can help create the effect of being “in the office”.

Your Office Space

For you to best work in your home office, start first by organizing your storage space. A clutter-free working area is important not only for aesthetics but also your own productivity.

Take a look at your own office furniture. Is it necessary? If not, don’t be afraid to remove it. Keeping things minimal and simple helps save space that might be useful for other purposes.

Think about what else you might want in your office. Obviously you need your tools like your computer, printer, etc. But what other decor would you want? Think about what you might want on the walls as well. Whiteboards, calendars, even well placed art can all be motivational for you.

These are just a few concerns when setting up a home office.