Functional storage wins every time

By Johanne

Great storage in various spaces is a frequent request from clients, whether they live in small city condos or large rambling homes. Older homes often have quirky storage options, and maximizing these existing spaces is often the only option available. Here is a recent success story from a client who lives is such a home. Her deep and narrow only linen closet was packed to the rafters and impossible to keep organized, often needing to be half emptied to retrieve any single item. As she hosts frequent house guests, she was eager to find a workable solution.


Linen Closet Nightmare before

Enter Walt Watkins from Drawer Solutions, who has been specializing in custom solutions for such spaces: he can provide any custom size of drawers, short or tall, of any width and depth, for those hard to reach places.


Five Roll-out drawers and top half shelf installed

With measurements taken and custom drawers ordered, Walt's team installed the custom drawers last week: my client is absolutely thrilled and can't wait until her next house guests arrive to show off her new closet. each drawer is the full depth of her extra deep closet and has full extension, soft close glides able to hold 100 lbs!

Click here to see the project video.

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