Creative And Reliable Design With Project Guru

By Sugan_CML


Interior design requires a quality and reliable company which meets your specific needs as well as explores new avenues to enhance your own ideas. Many people are looking not for just any company, but a company that specializes in making their dreams and ideas realistic.

Project Guru, servicing the Lafayette area, has been highly recommended and a sought after company in interior design. Dedication to customer satisfaction allows for exploring various avenues and meet the various challenges associated with making a home or even a room unique and burst with character.

We work hard to make good on our promises, providing and dealing with very specific ideas that you may be having within the shortest time and duration possible.

We’re more than happy to provide advice on the current trends. For example, one of the newest trends taking over the market is the mixture of dull colored furniture with completely white walls and background for color. For the adventurous, bright colors such as yellows and mixtures of orange and fire red are making a comeback.

Many home owners stay away from the interior designers on the assumption that hiring their services will prove to be quite expensive. Contrary to this belief, Project Guru is an affordable designer with quality services.

The cost of the project is put forward and we work with your budget.