Cool Trendy Designs

By Sugan_CML


Trendy interior designs doesn’t necessarily have to mean they’re all new. Some just bring life to the mix with re-thought décor.

It’s often very rewarding to see what happens when jiving two concepts to create a more interesting design.

Beige is a safe color palette which works well as a base color and been used for a long time. The trend will continue for its popularity and strength. Designer continues to root for this color as makes it way to trendier patterns throughout the years.

But what if we added a burst of color to the mix? Red, orange, lime green and others all work with the beige background.

Exotic prints are one of those designs that come and go. Zebra stripes and cheetah spots often find themselves turning up on upholsteries and cushion designs.

The rise of the brass in design continues to trend. The classy brass looks are timeless if done right and particularly popular in kitchen and bathroom furniture.

These are just a few ideas to consider. Our specialty is working together with you to create a space you love coming home to.